REBELCard - Off Road Parts Financing by Rebel Off Road
Terms and Conditions

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Rebel Off Road is very pleased to offer a whole new way to purchase your favorite off road parts!

REBELCard is our exclusive Credit Card backed by GE Capital that gives you access to the build you are after. With REBELCard, you are given the option to purchase parts and labor with up to 6-month financing available for those that qualify. Pay off your balance in 6-months and make atleast minimum payments and the interest is ZERO!

Think of REBELCard as the easiest way to step up to next level grade parts and service only Rebel Off Road provides.

The application process is simple and is done the same day you begin your build with us. Once you have finalized your invoice and have agreed on a price, Rebel begins the application process with you. If all GE Capital requirements are met and credit is granted we activate your account and apply payment. Let the build begin!

  • ZERO interest is charged as long as minimum payments are met and balance is paid within 6 months.
  • This is a credit card, just like any other you may apply for.
  • Can be used for repeat purchases.
  • Customer must agree to credit card agreement.
  • REBELCard is NOT available for online purchases through
  • Rebel Off Road grants up to 6-month financing for those that qualify.
  • REBELCard is backed by GE Capital Care Care 1.
  • Rebel Off Road does not discriminate under any conditions for any reason during the application process.

What are the Rates?
As long as you make minimum payments and pay off your balance in the 6-month promotion period, your interest rate is ZERO! Rates are solely determined by GE Capital. Rebel Off Road cannot negotiate a lower rate. Please contact GE Capital Car Care 1 customer service for your specific rates if balance is not paid in full.

How Long Do I Have to Pay?
Rebel offers a maximum 6-month financing from date of purchase.

What Can I Purchase with REBELCard?
REBELCard is just like any credit card you may already have. Every single part, including labor and shipping, can be paid for with REBELCard.

Can I use REBELCard elsewhere than Rebel Off Road?
No. REBELCard can only be used for purchases at Rebel Off Road.

How Do I Apply?
Visit Rebel Off Road in person during normal business hours and can begin the process immediately OR apply online.

Does Rebel Off Road Charge a Fee to Use REBELCard?
No. The application process is free and there is no premium applied when making a purchase with REBELCard.