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Gator Jaw - Soft Shackle 10" Tree Hugger Bubba Rope Renegade
10" Tree Hugger
Price: $79.00
Bubba Rope Renegade
MSRP: $133.00
Price: $125.00
Save $8.00!
Breaking Strength: 32,000 lbs!
Gator-Jaw™ soft shackles are made from Plasma® rope which is the highest strength synthetic rope available. These rope shackles are stronger than comparable steel shackles. Gator-Jaw™ shackles won’t rust and are so light they float. Towing applications include: 4x4 off-road, agriculture & mining equipment and various marine uses.

Advantages Over Steel Shackles:
Stronger than steel - 32,000 lb. breaking strength!
It floats - no more losing shackles in the water or muck!
Flexible - easily wraps around the most difficult pulling points!
One piece construction - no pins to fasten!

Breaking Strength: 58,000 lbs
Embrace a greener side of off-road recovery!

We made The Tree Hugger™ super strong with the breaking strength of 58,000 lbs when wrapped around a tree or some other stationary object. That’s more than twice the weight of a one ton pick-me-up truck! In fact, everything about The Tree Hugger™ is pretty cool right down to the neon orange coloring. Kinda makes us think of cousin Merle who went out west in his psychedelic painted 4x4 back in 1968.

10' Length.
6' Length also available.
16' Length also available.
Breaking Strength: 19,000 lbs.

3/4" x 20'
— Meet the new generation of kinetic energy recovery rope in a compact size. With 100% more stretching ability and more pulling power than a flat web strap, Renegade is the perfect tool for safely snatching Jeeps and light trucks from mud, sand or snow. We even made it Military Camo green to match the military specs that this rope was derived from. Mesh duffle bag and camo Velcro wrap included.
Bubba Rope 20' Bubba Rope 30' Big Bubba
Bubba Rope 20'
Price: $164.00
Bubba Rope 30'
Price: $205.00
Big Bubba
Price: $325.00
Breaking Strength: 28,600 lbs.

7/8" x 20' — This is the same great recovery rope as the original but only a few feet shorter. With a breaking strength of 28,600 pounds, this reliable and safe recovery rope is ideal for 4x4 trucks, Jeeps and SUVs. Comes with its own mesh duffle bag for easy carrying and storing. Length is determined before rope is under load.

30' length also available.

Breaking Strength: 28,600 lbs.

7/8" x 30'
— the original strap buster! Use this recovery rope for 4x4 trucks, Jeeps, and SUVs. Made from the highest quality nylon, this powerful rope is the best choice for safe recovery and towing, with a breaking strength of 28,600 pounds. Length is determined before rope is under load.

Breaking Strength: 52,300 lbs.

1-1/4" x 30' — This rope is custom made for mud boggin’. Great for full-size trucks and large SUVs, this monster snatch rope features a breaking strength of over 52,300 pounds, making it the safest of its kind! Length is determined before rope is under load.
Big Bubba Standard Eye Color: Orange
Jumbo Bubba Extreme Bubba
Jumbo Bubba
Price: $463.00
Extreme Bubba
Price: $759.00
Breaking Strength: 74,000 lbs.

1-1/2" x 30' — Jumbo Bubba is a mega snatch rope. This rope is so strong it can safely pull a full size dump truck out of the muck! Monster trucks, this is the rope for you! Comes with its own mesh duffle bag for easy carrying and storing.

Jumbo Bubba Standard Eye Color: Green

Breaking Strength: 131,500 lbs.

2" x 30' — The Extreme Bubba is ideal for safely recovering heavy-duty vehicles such as tractors, semis and dump trucks from sticky situations! Extreme Bubba comes with a special velcro web strap for handy carrying. Extreme now comes with a Extreme Bubba gear bag (32" x 12" x 16").

Extreme Bubba Standard Eye Color: Black