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VIAIR Heavy Duty 11 Gauge Steel Compressor Mounting Bracket (Fits 275C To 497C) Synergy MFG Jeep JK '07-'11 Onboard Air Compressor Bracket (VIAIR & Arb) Synergy MFG Jeep JK '07-'11 RIGHT HAND DRIVE Onboard Air Compressor Bracket (VIAIR & Arb)

WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other productive harm.

Synergy Suspension Jeep JK Onboard Air Compressor Bracket (Viair & ARB) Synergy Suspension Jeep JK Onboard Air Compressor Bracket (Viair & ARB)
Synergy MFG Jeep JK '12-'15 Onboard Air Compressor Bracket (VIAIR & Arb) Synergy MFG 07+ Jeep JK 2 Gallon Compressor Mount (VIAIR) JKU 4-Door ARB Air Compressor Under Seat Mount Kit
Synergy Suspension Jeep JK Onboard Air Compressor Bracket (Viair & ARB) Synergy Suspension 07+ Jeep JK 2 Gallon Compressor Mount (Viair) The TeraFlex JK ARB compressor under seat mounting kit is a simple solution to mount the ARB on-board hi performance twin air compressor under the JK Unlimited front passenger seat and provides maximum protection from damage and from the elements. This kit also allows the manifold and locker solenoids to be mounted next to the compressor for simple hose routing. It includes a vent exhaust hose kit to safely route fumes to the exterior of the vehicle. Note: Fits JK Unlimited only. This kit has been designed to mount under the passenger seat, but can be installed under the driver seat with some modification. For 2007 model years this kit fits under the driver seat only. The bracket also has mounting provisions for the smaller ARB Compressors.
Innovative JK Products IJKP-1-ARB: 4-Tire Air System with ARB Twin Compressor CKMTA12 Package Deal
Innovative JK Products is now proud to offer the ARB Twin Air Compressor Model CKMTA12 as a package deal with our popular IJKP-1 4-Tire Air System.

This package includes IJKP-1 and the ARB Twin Compressor CKMTA12. The Air Down / Air Up Tool (see IJKP-17 or IJKP-18) is included for FREE if selected.

So you have made the choice to buy an ARB Twin Air Compressor. And now you are left with the task of where to mount it and how to plumb it for use?

Innovative JK Products has taken all the guesswork out, and developed a complete 4-tire inflation solution for your Jeep JK! And with the optional tool (discounted if purchased with kit), you can deflate all 4 tires at once and air up all 4 tires at once to an adjustable set point (see IJKP-17 or IJKP-18).

Features of the System
  • Tire inflation (and deflation) is even, consistent, and self-equalizes because all 4 tires are connected at once
  • Your ARB investment is safe from the elements and heat tucked neatly under the passenger seat.
  • All air connections are inside the Jeep, so you do not have to open your hood, crawl under your vehicle, or clean dirt/mud/ice/snow off your air connections. You can even close your doors 1-click with the airlines connected for those cold and rainy days to stay warm and dry inside your Jeep while your tires inflate/deflate.
  • It is a zero residual pressure system. Once you are done inflating your tires, the system returns to a neutral state. There is no pressure in the system that would be subject to expansion and contraction due to changes in temperature / altitude. That means less stress on components and seals.
  • Only one threaded connection in main supply. That means no pipe tape, no pipe paste, or multiple threaded connections to deal with and less opportunity for leaks in the long run.
  • No typical bulky and restrictive air connections. Our system uses simple, clean looking, and non-restrictive air connections.
  • Each air line is 10ft long so you can easily reach your tires or that other vehicle that needs air (because there is always one!).
  • JK Specific Mounting Brackets
  • The mounting bracket has been specifically designed for mounting an ARB Twin Air Compressor in your Jeep JK under the passenger seat away from all the elements. The bracket mounts to the stationary part of the seat frame and does not interfere or limit any of the seat movement (the same is the case for the seat brackets for the air connections). All the mounting brackets are laser cut and CNC bent aluminum to exact specifications and black textured powder coated for a clean, long lasting finish.

The Air Line System
It is a simple plug and play system. All you have to do is connect the 2 Y-Connectors on each side of the Jeep, clip on the air chucks, and turn on the compressor. Typical inflation times for all 4 tires at once from 10-30psi at sea level are:
33s - 4 min
35s - 5 min
37s - 7 min
40s - 10 min
44s - 12 min

Kit Contents
Its not just a box of parts, its a well thought out plan! The kit includes everything you need to mount / connect the ARB compressor and inflate your tires on your Jeep JK. The instructions provide step-by-step details to install the brackets, compressor, plumbing, and wiring (including Jeep JK specific connections). Unlike other systems in a box, there is no guesswork or trying to figure out where everything goes, what length to make each line, etc. Everything is already done for you! Each kit contains:

  • 1 Bracket for under seat mounting of ARB Compressor
  • 2 Brackets for Air Connections
  • All Bolts / Nuts
  • All Fittings
  • All Pre-Cut Tubing for Air Supply
  • 4 Air Lines (10 ft each) with Connectors and 4 Air Chucks
  • All Wiring Terminals / Connectors
  • Step-by-Step Installation Instructions with Color Photos
  • Includes Jeep JK specific details for connecting wires from ARB harness
  • Also includes specific wiring details if using an sPOD or equivalent
  • Optional Air Down / Air Up Tool, if selected

A mounting solution for the ARB supplied compressor switch. Some options include:
  • Daystar makes a Switch Panel: Part #KJ 71040BK (07-10) / Part #KJ71034BK (11-18)
  • Daystar makes a Pillar Switch Pod: Part #KJ71043BK (07-10) / Part #KJ71055BK (07-17)
  • Rugged Ridge makes a Lower Console Switch Panel: Part #17235.55 (07-10) / Part #17235.54 (11-18)
  • Rugged Ridge makes an A-Pillar Switch Pod: Part #17235.56 (07-10) / Part #17235.58 (11-18)
  • Or simply cut an opening in console or dash for the switch or use an sPOD or equivalent
Not for use with running Air Lockers in addition to tire inflation.