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Our flagship product, the "Flipster", has given off-road enthusiasts a clever and innovative license plate mounting solution for their winch equipped vehicles.

Cascadia 4x4 has been forged in the heart of the Cascade and Coast Mountain ranges in British Columbia. The region that stretches from Southwestern British Columbia to Northern California is collectively known as "Cascadia" and it provides some of the most challenging and beautiful off-road terrain and wilderness in the world.

Our product line is designed to provide world class functionality to your 4x4. Best of all? Everything is 100% made in Canada and the USA.
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Cascadia 4x4 Flipster V2

The Flipster V2 - Hawse & Roller fairlead compatible:

  • The Flipster has been completely redesigned! We went back to the drawing board and created the Flipster V2. It combines the best elements of both the Hawse and Roller Flipsters into one versatile package.
  • The included 7/8" thick CNC machined 6061 anodized aluminum spacer allows the V2 to work with either Hawse or Roller fairleads.
  • The new design provides the user with the option to run an aftermarket winch hook (like the Factor 55 Flatlink).
  • Without the included spacer mounted a 1" thick hawse fairlead fits perfectly (with or without winch hook). With the spacer mounted a standard roller fairlead fits perfectly (with or without winch hook).
  • Parts are CNC laser cut from high grade, domestically sourced 3/16" and 1/8" thick Aluminum.
  • The Flipster V2 uses the highest quality friction hinge available. The hinge is made of glass-filled nylon, has no backlash, and can withstand well over 20,000 usage cycles.
  • Also included is Stainless steel hardware, Cascadia 4x4 plastic license plate surround, and Cascadia 4x4 vehicle decal.
  • Anodized and laser etched finish. This is the highest quality finish available for aluminum. All of our products are Made in Canada and the USA!