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Poison Spyder YJ Rear Crusher Corners Flares

Poison Spyder YJ Rear Crusher Corners Flares

MSRP: $643.50
Price: $585.00
Save $58.50!

Part #: 13-04-033

Part Overview
Poison Spyder Crusher Corners; are built for the off-road enthusiast who likes to play in the BIG rocks! Crusher Corners; are a key component in avoiding body damage to your Jeep. Crusher Corners; are CNC laser cut from high strength 3/16" plate steel. The precisely cut pattern is then carefully roll-formed for a perfect fit to your Jeep's body lines. Crusher Corners; protect your Jeep from the tailgate all the way to the door opening, in one unbroken curtain of impregnable body armor At the front edge, Crusher Corners; are precisely cut to integrate with Poison Spyder Rocker Knockers; or Ricochet Rockers;. All of the bolt holes are countersunk, and the supplied stainless steel flat head cap screws yield a smooth, flat surface to slide over rocks.

COMP CUT Crusher Corners; feature a competition-style wheel opening that allows clearance for the largest tires and articulation. The wheel well is open toward the rear to allow for wheelbase stretches and to provide maximum clearance for hardcore wheeling. Comp Cut Crusher Corners; have provisions for flush-mounted LED taillights. They also provide a significant weight savings compared to our standard Crusher Corners.

For the ultimate in corner protection and hard core looks, these Crusher Corners; feature our Standard Width Weld-On Crusher Flares;. Crusher Flares; are fabricated from 1.5" x .120 wall DOM tubing with a precision-formed 1/8" plate steel fender. Standard Width Crusher Flares; extend approximately 3" outboard to provide extra body protection and a surface to slide along rocks and trees on tight trails. The Standard Width Crusher Flares; match the factory flare tire coverage to help you stay legal in those areas where flares are required by law.

Crusher Corners;, when used in conjunction with Poison Spyder Rocker Knockers; or Ricochet Rockers;and front Tube Fenders give your Jeep an impenetrable defense against rock damage. The Poison Spyder Tramp Stamp; perfectly fits the lower panel between your Jeep's tailgate and bumper, to complete the Poison Spyder body armor on your Jeep . All of these components are designed to fit and work together perfectly, guarding your Jeep from the front wheel well to the tailgate.

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