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Poison Spyder TJ-YJ Comp-Cut Rear Weld-On Defender Flares

Poison Spyder TJ-YJ Comp-Cut Rear Weld-On Defender Flares

Price: $209.00

Part #: 14-04-094

Part Overview
These "Comp-Cut" DeFender™ Flares are designed to match Poison Spyder's front DeFenders™ with 3" Flare. They are intended to be welded on to your existing Poison Spyder Comp-Cut Crusher Corners or other manufacturer's or DIY comp-cut corners. Note that we offer two different styles of Comp-Cut DeFender Flares. Consult the product information below to determine which works best for your application.

PLEASE NOTE that there are TWO different styles of Comp-Cut DeFender™ Flares, which we refer to as "093" and "094". We have a diagram that shows the different dimensions of each style.  Style 094 was designed for use with Poison Spyder's standard Comp-Cut Crusher Corners™ or other manufacturer's comp-cut crusher corners that extend to the bottom of the rocker at the forward edge. In other words, for corners that were designed to fit with "flare to flare" Rocker Knockers™ or other manufacturers' flare-to-flare rocker protectors. On the 094's, the forward lower part of the flare extends downward for more complete coverage on those style corners.

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