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Poison Spyder TJ-YJ 3" Rear Weld-On Defender Flares

Poison Spyder TJ-YJ 3" Rear Weld-On Defender Flares

Price: $229.00

Part #: 14-05-070

Part Overview
DeFender™ Flares are designed to match Poison Spyder's front DeFenders™. These weld-on DeFender™ Flares may be added to your existing Poison Spyder Crusher Corners™ or competitors' full corner armor. Fabricated entirely of 3/16" plate steel, DeFender™ Flares are a tubeless design, meaning they aren't constructed with the thinner wall (.120") tubing outer rail, as traditional tube fenders and flares are built. DeFender™ Flares feature a sturdy outer edge formed of 3/16" plate, with a full under-side return for strength.

These are a 3" Flare, making them a match for Jeeps equipped with Poison Spyder DeFenders™ with 3" Tapered Flare or 3" Straight Flare.  These are intended to be welded directly to a set of Crusher Corners™ or other manufacturer's full corner protectors.

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